Creative collective

Rent an affordable office and surround yourself with creativity.


And than there is ... THE CREATIVE COLLECTIVE !


An inspiring collective, a design platform, the ultimate dream machine…


Just plug in, and… PLAY !



Within the walls of  The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE  You my friend, will find equally fine mannered creative professionals and happily lunatic interior designers, architects, graphic designers who will give your ideas more power than ever.


In this Sparkling Atmosphere we call The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE you can rent space to set up your own company,

at a fraction of the price of a regular office rent AND you will always be surrounded with…

“the others” !


You rent office space INCLUDING … the coffee machine !


You rent meeting space to meet with YOUR clients, INCLUDING… privacy !


YOU now rent, your very own bubble inside The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE and get FREE ADVICE… whether you like it or not !



Do yourself a favor, and join The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE ! 


Pieter Froyen

Ingenieur architect van het eerste uur. Een wereld waarin creatieve wonders ontstaan in een zee van cijfers en berekeningen.

Amal Hallouss

Creatieve boekenworm met de breedste glimlach.


Sandor Zeitler
+32 473 93 22 89

Klaas Froyen
+32 477 29 76 80

Amal Hallouss
+32 475 50 42 57

Pieter Froyen
+32 485 44 53 68

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